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A collection of works past & present, featuring a broad range of production techniques, styles and genres.


Combining a broad range of styles, interests and influences; For Miles is a producer for the next generation of music. Working with the very best that new and old technologies have to offer, For Miles crafts sounds that are polished, professional and most of all - tell a story.

First beginning production work out of his high school band room in 2011, that last seven years of study, travel and performance have seen For Miles' work develop and evolve into what it is today. From R&B and Hip Hop production, to Neo-Classical composition and everything in between - Joseph hopes to craft the kinds of records people with celebrate for years to come.



Capturing and creating moments to enhance an aural experience is For Miles' passion; collaborating with artists and designers through various mediums to tell stories with a unique cultural understanding.

Joseph's graduate studies at RMIT further developed an interest in sonic spacialisation and the exploration of sound playing on our perception of space. With experience working in surround sound, ambisonics and audio for virtual reality, For Miles' can help create an incredibly unique experience for your audience - pushing the boundaries with forefront technologies.


Have a unique idea in mind for a collaboration? Need help bringing your project to life? Want your production to stand out from the rest?

Please get in touch so we can discuss how our experience can help you.