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For Miles // incorporating elements of neo-classical composition fused with electronic production to produce uniquely accessible works, while still exploring the abstract art of synthesis...

Drawing on years of experience playing and performing a whole host of genres, For Miles aims to bridge the gap between emotive piano arrangements and the exhilarating rhythms of electronic music . With roots set deep as a contemporary pianist, For Miles builds on his knowledge of electronic production to construct simple yet beautiful compositions.

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Combining a wide selection of styles, eras and influences; For Miles is a producer for the next generation of music. Working with the very best that new and old technologies have to offer, For Miles work is polished, professional and most of all - tells a story. From R&B and Hip Hop production, to Neo-Classical composition and everything in between - Joseph hopes to craft the kinds of records people with celebrate for years to come.

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Production | Recording | Mixing | Editing | Mastering

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Using carefully sculptured sounds to elicit emotion is For Miles' passion; first developing an interest through his graduate studies at RMIT. With experience working in surround sound, ambisonics and audio for virtual reality, For Miles' can help create an incredibly unique experience for your audience - recreating aural soundscapes to supplement visual mediums while pushing the boundaries of forefront technologies to create memorable moments.

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Composition | Field Recording | Mixing | Editing | Mastering


A live performance by For Miles is unlike any other - an immersive experience through surround sound, moving lighting and compelling visuals designed to stimulate all of the senses. Using the latest in production software and coding, Joseph spends hours behind the scenes programming all the elements of a show to support the works and immerse the audience.

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